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E-Mail Addresses For All District Employees
Mr. J. Adamson
Board of Directors Member jadamson@bbsd.org
Mrs. J. Agasar
6th Grade Teacher jagasar@bbsd.org
Ms. S. Albright
Math Teacher salbright@bbsd.org
Ms. A. Gress
Special Education Aide agress@bbsd.org
Mrs. M. Antonelli
Secretary To The Superintendent mantonelli@bbsd.org
Mrs. M. Bach
Kindergarten Teacher mbach@bbsd.org
Mrs. N. Baker
7th Grade Teacher nbaker@bbsd.org
Mrs. J. Balcer
Special Education Teacher jbalcer@bbsd.org
Mrs. B. Bannon
Special Education Teacher K-1st bbannon@bbsd.org
Ms. L. Barbetta
1st Grade Teacher lbarbetta@bbsd.org
Mrs. S. Bayer
First Grade Teacher sbayer@bbsd.org
Ms. B. Boyle
In School Suspension bboyle@bbsd.org
Mr. D. Braun
8th Grade Teacher dbraun@bbsd.org
Miss E. Brown
7th Grade Teacher ebrown@bbsd.org
Mrs. N. Brown
3rd Grade Teacher nbrown@bbsd.org
Mr. S. Brown
Physics sbrown@bbsd.org
Mrs. S. Bruther
Special Education Teacher 2nd Grade sbruther@bbsd.org
Ms. D. Bunda
Kindergarten Teacher dbunda@bbsd.org
Mr. J. Caro
Board of Directors Member jcaro@bbsd.org
Ms. A. Carpenter
5th Grade Teacher acarpenter@bbsd.org
Miss J. Carpenter
Secretary To The Principal jcarpenter@bbsd.org
Mr. D. Chichilitti
Special Education Teacher dchichilitti@bbsd.org
Mr. D. Chichilitti
Board of Directors Treasurer djchichilitti@bbsd.org
Mrs. L. Ciotti
4th Grade Teacher lciotti@bbsd.org
Mrs. K. Cochran
Board of Directors Member - President kcochran@bbsd.org
Miss P. Colacicco
3rd Grade Teacher pcolacicco@bbsd.org
Mrs. D. Conard
Middle School Guidance Counselor dconard@bbsd.org
Mrs. P. Connelly
2nd Grade Teacher pconnelly@bbsd.org
Ms. L. Conners
Special Education Aide lconners@bbsd.org
Mrs. E. Corbezzolo
High School Guidance Counselor ecorbezzolo@bbsd.org
Miss C. Crispell
Spanish ccrispell@bbsd.org
Mr. M. Crossan
Kindergarten Teacher mcrossan@bbsd.org
Mr. F. Cullen
Maintenance Leader fcullen@bbsd.org
Mr. S. Cullen
Board of Directors Member scullen@bbsd.org
Mr. J. D'Angelo
Board of Directors Member - Treasurer jdangelo@bbsd.org
Mrs. D. Conard
Elementary School Guidance Counselor dconard@bbsd.org
Mrs. D. DeLuca
Title I Math Support ddeluca@bbsd.org
Ms. J. DiGuiseppe
Kindergarten Teacher jdiguiseppe@bbsd.org
Mr. R. DiGuiseppe, III
Board of Directors rdiguiseppe@bbsd.org
Mrs. M. Doherty
7th Grade English mdoherty@bbsd.org
Mr. J. Esposito
6th Grade Teacher jesposito@bbsd.org
Mrs. K. Faight
1st Grade Teacher kfaight@bbsd.org
Miss M. Favoroso
Cafeteria Manager mfavoroso@bbsd.org
Mrs. D. Foerst
Payroll & Insurance dfoerst@bbsd.org
Mrs. D. Frake
Special Education Aide dfrake@bbsd.org
Mrs. S. French
Special Education Teacher sfrench@bbsd.org
Ms. J. Frey
5th Grade Teacher jfrey@bbsd.org
Mrs. B. Gallagher
Guidance Secretary bgallagher@bbsd.org
Miss G. Gardner
7th Grade Teacher ggardner@bbsd.org
Mrs. Y. Gattelli
1st Grade Teacher ygattelli@bbsd.org
Mr. G. Gatto
Teacher ggatto@bbsd.org
Mrs. M. Gesualdi
State & Federal Liaison mgesualdi@bbsd.org
Ms. J. Gundy
Teacher - Art jgundy@bbsd.org
Mrs. M. Hager
Special Education Teacher 7th-8th Grades mhager@bbsd.org
Mrs. P. Harkness
Title I Reading Specialist pharkness@bbsd.org
Mrs. L. Helkowski
2nd Grade Teacher lhelkowski@bbsd.org
Mr. P. Hetherington
IT Director phetherington@bbsd.org
Mrs. C. Hodges
5th Grade Teacher chodges@bbsd.org
Miss M. Hogan
8th Grade Teacher mhogan@bbsd.org
Mrs. M. Honnen
Special Education Aide mhonnen@bbsd.org
Mrs. K. Hunter
8th Grade Teacher khunter@bbsd.org
Miss J. Kain
Special Education Aide jkain@bbsd.org
Ms. K. Crossley
Special Education Services kcrossley@bbsd.org
Ms. T Kramer
Special Education Teacher 3rd-5th Grades tkramer@bbsd.org
Mr. M. Lalli
POD / American Cultures mlalli@bbsd.org
Mrs. D. Larosa
Title I Technology Support dlarosa@bbsd.org
Mrs. C. Lelinski-Rigby
Nurse crigby@bbsd.org
Mr. J. Love
Physical Science jlove@bbsd.org
Mrs M. Lynch
8th Grade Teacher mlynch@bbsd.org
Mrs. S. MacIntyre
Biology Teacher smacintyre@bbsd.org
Mrs. R. Martinez
Family Consumer Sciences rmartinez@bbsd.org
Mrs. N. Marucci
Special Education Aide nmarucci@bbsd.org
Mrs. J. Mazzocchi
Physical Education jmazzocchi@bbsd.org
Mrs. E. McAndrew
Special Education Teacher 7th-8th Grades emcandrew@bbsd.org
Mr. T. McCartney
7th Grade Teacher tmccartney@bbsd.org
Mrs. S. McCleary
Special Education Aide smccleary@bbsd.org
Miss J. McCool
Special Education Teacher 4th Grade jmccool@bbsd.org
Miss C. McCready
Special Education Aide cmccready@bbsd.org
Mr. R. McGinn
World Cultures rmcginn@bbsd.org
Miss D. McVan
Music dmcvan@bbsd.org
Mr. H. Medina
General Math hmedina@bbsd.org
Mr. D. Mendick
Maintenance Staff dmendick@bbsd.org
Ms. J. Moyer
Bookkeeper jmoyer@bbsd.org
Mr. R. Moyer
7th Grade Teacher rmoyer@bbsd.org
Mrs. M. Mueller
6th Grade Teacher mmueller@bbsd.org
Miss D. Nocito
Math dnocito@bbsd.org
Ms. D. Ohara
Speech Therapist dohara@bbsd.org
Mrs. B. Ours
2nd Grade Teacher bours@bbsd.org
Mr. J. Paleafico
Board of Directors Member - Vice-President jpaleafico@bbsd.org
Mr. L. Persichetti
4th Grade Teacher lpersichetti@bbsd.org
Mr. G. Pinelli
Special Education Teacher gpinelli@bbsd.org
Mrs. D. Place
4th Grade Teacher dplace@bbsd.org
Mrs. M. Potena-Paglione
Board of Directors mpaglione@bbsd.org
Mrs. E. Pribish
6th Grade Teacher epribish@bbsd.org
Mrs. H. Quattrocchi
English hquattrocchi@bbsd.org
Mrs. A. Reilly
Business Office Secretary areilly@bbsd.org
Mr. J. Ricci
Special Education Teacher jricci@bbsd.org
Mr. J. Roe
Business Manager jroe@bbsd.org
Mr. R. Roth
Computer Sciences rroth@bbsd.org
Miss G. Sagolla-Arriaga
Special Education Teacher K-2nd Grades gsagolla@bbsd.org
Mrs. P. Scenna
Special Education Aide pscenna@bbsd.org
Mrs. P. Scenna
Special Education Aide pscenna@bbsd.org
Mrs. M. Scuron
8th Grade Teacher mscuron@bbsd.org
Ms. L. Serdula
Special Education Teacher 3rd Grade lserdula@bbsd.org
Mr. T. Shaffer
Principal - Middle School tshaffer@bbsd.org
Mr. T. Shaffer
Principal - High School tshaffer@bbsd.org
Mr. T. Shaffer
Principal tshaffer@bbsd.org
Mr. D. Smith
Psychologist dmsmith@bbsd.org
Mrs. D. Smith
In School Suspension dsmith@bbsd.org
Dr. W. Smith
Chemistry wsmith@bbsd.org
Mrs. A. Snyder
3rd Grade Teacher asnyder@bbsd.org
Mrs. K. Steward
English ksteward@bbsd.org
Mrs. H. Swiski
Business hswiski@bbsd.org
Mrs. M. Tantum
4th Grade Teacher mtantum@bbsd.org
Ms. C. Torres
Gifted / Enrichment ctorres@bbsd.org
Mrs. J. Trout
Payroll & Federal Programs jtrout@bbsd.org
Mrs. C. Tyrell
ELL ctyrell@bbsd.org
Mr. D. Tyrell
5th Grade Teacher dtyrell@bbsd.org
Mr. E. Velez
Spanish evelez@bbsd.org
Mr. D. Vlassenko
Physical Education dvlassenko@bbsd.org
Mrs. J. Waldron
Secretary jwaldron@bbsd.org
Mr. B. Werner
9th Grade Social Studies bwerner@bbsd.org
Ms. L. Wood
5th Grade Teacher lwood@bbsd.org
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